Shrinking The Planet – One Ride At A Time

Ride2Adv Stickers On The Way!

Well the results are in and Sticker Version #3 has won!

So for those of you that voted for Sticker Version 3, drop me an email at with your name and home address and I’ll send you one in the mail as promised.  Thanks to all who voted!  It was very close, and in fact, if there is enough uproar, I may order a second batch of Sticker Version #2.  All of you will have to be the judge of that.

Again, thanks for voting, and winners, please send me your home addresses so I can send you a sticker!

All the best to you all!


2 responses

  1. Joe

    Nice! I need one! How do I order?


    August 29, 2012 at 8:08 pm

  2. Joe,
    As one of R2ADV’s charter readers and commentators, the first one is on me. Shoot me an email with your home addy and I’ll send you one. If anyone else would like to order one, They are $1 each (which covers the cost of the sticker and US postage). If you are outside the US, send me an email ( and we’ll figure out what the cost is to send it to your country.

    NOTE: I will also send free stickers out to people who leave a few good comments (I don’t mean gratuitous ones, I mean ones that spark interest, discussion, or add good content) or poeple who share R2ADV with others who then follow R2ADV. Remember, the idea is to shrink the planet, so that the more people that know about R2ADV, the better!



    August 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm

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