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Honda’s New Africa Twin To Be Unveiled at EICMA?

Rumors continue to leak out about Honda’s purported new Africa Twin.  This time it’s Italian website Insella.IT that reports additional details about the new rumored bike.  My Italian is not very good so I obtained some free translation from the web and here is what Insella.IT is saying:

EICMA 2014 – Once again the rumors on a globetrotter par excellence from the House of the Goldwing: According to MCN, the Africa Twin should weigh 50 kg (110 lbs) less than the BMW R1200GS and the new advanced parallel twin engine direction should develop over 100 HP. There will be two versions: one more off-road the other more road oriented.

The Honda Africa Twin, a bike that has left its mark, able to survive in jeep territory while still an excellent machine for a solo female traveler. After seeing some sketches that appeared in the German magazine Motorrad, the English magazine MCN is back on the topic with some interesting news.

The design used by the British magazine MCN, who first discovered Honda activity around the model, says it is nearly the same as the German BMW. Second MCN says the reference parameter is the BMW R1200GS, and could not be otherwise since the German model has dominated sales for years.  The new Africa Twin, it will be proposed in two versions, road and offroad, will be lighter by 50kg more than the german, will have electronics able to rival the BMW water cooled version.  I will have a Japanese version of BMW’s ESA, the suspension system with electronic control.  Still on the subject of suspension the brand to be used remains unknown; the most probable is Showa.

As far as the compact twin, chosen instead of the original V-engine for reasons of cost and size (allows a better arrangement of the components inside of the frame), should develop more than 100 HP, so as to be able to satisfy both the users of the road version with tourist vocations (front wheel by 19 “) and those that are geared to the staging off-road vehicle with rim 21 inch front. Finally, the price: MCN, estimates that the price should be in the 11-12 thousand pounds range, equivalent to around 14-15 thousand euro or 18.5 – 20.5 thousand dollars. In all probability, the Africa Twin will debut at the next Show in Cologne or at Eicma 2014. – See more at: Insella.IT

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