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Honda Allegedly Confirms 2016 True Adventure Prototype

According to British Motorcycle Magazine MCN (Motorcycle News), a Honda insider has revealed that the “True Adventure Prototype” will be shown in finished form in under a year and will be on sale as a 2016 model.  MCN reports that the machine is a year behind schedule due to other priorities.  Through their connections, MCN has been able to glean a fair amount of information from these unnamed Honda insiders such as.

  1. The True Adventure Prototype shown at EICMA was not a just a prototype but was used in the development process and is in fact a working test mule.
  2. The bike will be powered by a 1000cc parallel-twin engine and is aimed at being more than capable of some proper off-road riding.  The new machine will have the option for the Honda Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), (as seen at EICMA), along with certain advanced electronics developed with off-road riding in mind including switchable traction control and ABS.
  3. The engine will have twin balance shafts.
  4. Estimated engine horsepower is 110 with torque around 75 ft/lb.
  5. Although the True Adventure concept featured Honda’s twin-clutch‘DCT’ gearbox, patents also show that the production version will be available with a conventional, single six speed clutch.
  6. MCN also reports that it’s highly likely that multiple models will eventually be created using many of the same components. Expect to see the new 1000cc twin appearing in simple naked roadsters, full dress tourers, sportbikes and a full off-road-spec Africa Twin.


If you are interested in technical aspects, below are some links to Honda’s patent applications which provide a feel for what’s new about this very exciting motorcycle.

Honda patent application 1

Honda patent application 2

Honda patent application 3

However the bike turns out, it will be good to see Honda back at it again in the “adventure” category.  Hopefully this machine will retain the “light is right” philosophy while providing the off road capability of the original Africa Twin.

If you’d like to read the entire MCN article, you can find it here:

MCN True Adventure Prototype Article

Stay tuned for more info.


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