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Honda Bulldog – Small Displacement Adventure?

It was only a few days ago that we told you about Honda’s lightweight CRF250 concept bike.  Well it appears that Honda has aspirations to fill the middleweight gap with this pint sized machine, the Honda Bulldog concept bike.  Shown at the Osaka Motorcycle Show (along with the CRF 250 Rally concept bike) it appears that Honda is looking at some interesting ways to fill the gap between the full size adventure bike as in the Honda True Adventure prototype and its lightweight CRF 250 Rally concept bike.

We don’t think you can call the bike a lightweight adventure bike after looking at the pictures, but Honda has yet to release much on the machine’s specifications.  Being  small, boxy, chunky and wide, this machine does truly fit with its moniker “Bulldog”.  Honda says that this bike will be a “Lovable Touring Partner”

The way we see this concept is as a cross between a scooter like the Honda Ruckus and perhaps their CB500F street bike.  The VisorDown website claims that under all that rough-and-tough metalwork there’s a fairly stock CB400F chassis and engine (similar to the CB500F sold in the US).  They claim that the chassis and engine is “identical in every way apart from a smaller-capacity version of the same parallel twin engine.”

As you have already noticed, wheels are downsized to 15″ wheels and somewhat outsized knobby rubber.  Due to this, the seat height is a low 28.75 inches potentially making this machine ready for the smaller rider.

Honda’s press release had the following to say…

The BULLDOG promotes a new world of leisure with motorcycles. The model was developed with the concept “Lovable Touring Partner,” and was designed to go beyond the boundaries of conventional leisure motorcycles, to actively enjoy outdoor life.

The BULLDOG’s 15-inch wide-tires and low center-of-gravity realize a low, 730mm seat height, ensuring a solid footing. Its unique robust, yet charming styling undoubtedly brings smiles to the faces of not only riders, but people who don’t usually ride motorcycles.

The liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC inline 2-cylinder 400cc engine has powerful, yet easy to handle output characteristics, realizing a nimble ride in a wide range of environments from urban to rural areas.

The BULLDOG is equipped with a carrier suitable for camping-touring, and features accessory storage on the sides of the fuel tank, which also act as a styling accent.

Whether this new concept or something similar ever makes it to production, Honda clearly is thinking about going off-road.

What do you think about this concept?  Are you interested in something like the Bulldog?  Let us know.


One response

  1. I’m totally psyched to see this in the U.S. Considering that growing “adventure bike” market, I think that despite the “niche” I think this thing will sell.


    March 24, 2015 at 9:47 pm

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