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Honda True Adventure Episode 4 Released – The Test Riders

I suspect that many of us are probably pacing tight little circles around our garages waiting for Honda to release the production version of its new adventure bike presently known as the True Adventure.  Honda’s been doing a masterful job of keeping our interest piqued while providing only the briefest of glimpses of what the production bike might be like. Although I am a hardcore KTM fan, I must admit that Honda does have me wearing a bit of a groove in the cement of my little shrine to motorcycling, my garage.

Today, Honda has released its 4th video on the True Adventure called “The Meeting, Part 1”.  I won’t give too much away, but the with the scant info released in Part 1, I can’t wait for “The Meeting Part 2”.  So without any more delay, here’s “The Meeting, Part 1.

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