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Honda True Adventure “Africa Twin” Is Confirmed!

Honda motorcycles has confirmed what many had been hoping for.  In late 2015, Honda will be bringing its prototype True Adventure to market as the new Africa Twin.  In its US press release, Honda said, Honda has announced the return of one of motorcycling’s most celebrated and evocative names: the Africa Twin.  Having shown the direction of its development and intent with the reveal of the True Adventure prototype at EICMA in November 2014, American Honda can now confirm that the all-new CRF1000L Africa Twin will be in U.S. dealers early next year.

Some motorcycles encapsulate perfectly what an adventure motorcycle is all about. The original XRV650 Africa Twin — which debuted in 1989 after Honda’s four successive wins in the Dakar Rally — was one such machine.  Its go-anywhere ability, rugged durability, agile handling and all-day comfort made it the perfect partner with which to explore. And it helped to define a motorcycling segment that has now grown into one of the most popular worldwide.

The new Africa Twin remains true to all the attributes and abilities of the XRV650 and its successor, the XRV750, while adding the benefits of everything Honda has learned on and off-road over the last decade, including Team HRC’s return to the Dakar in 2013. Furthermore, in a first for the category, the Africa Twin will feature the option of a new evolution of Honda’s Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology, which remains unique to Honda in motorcycling. This latest evolution of DCT has been specifically developed and programmed to provide the off-road ability with which the Africa Twin is synonymous.

The all-new CRF1000L Africa Twin is set to redefine expectations of just what a large-capacity adventure motorcycle can and should be capable of, both on and off-road, and it opens an entirely new chapter in Honda’s illustrious history of dual-purpose motorcycles made for true adventure.

So what does it look like?  Details are slim but they did release these photos to whet your appetite.

Full specifications for the bike have still not be released, but we do know that it will be an approximate 1,000cc parallel twin.  It will also come with a 21″ front wheel and spoked rims.  Specs such as weight and fuel capacity will apparently have to wait.  Bummer, but I must admit that this seems to be an exciting machine.  We’ll see if that excitement is piqued or dimmed once the full specs are released.

Honda at the same time released its fifth video in the “True Adventure” teaser series and frankly there’s nothing much in it.  There’s a lot of symbolism and fancy setup, but it really doesn’t tell us much of anything.  Here’s episode 5.

HOWEVER, Honda apparently buried an egg in the video and the Italian motorcycling site Motoclismo has uncovered it and posted it.  This video is much more exciting and shows actual footage from the Africa Twin’s testing, including a twin soundtrack that just might penetrate your soul a bit.  Click on the below and prepare to be mesmerized.

I admit it’s got me a bit excited, but I am reserving judgement on the machine until I know more.  I would have preferred something a bit lighter, back in the 650 to 750cc range, but we’ll have to see what the new Africa Twin’s full specs are before deciding whether this is a true follow-on to the spirit of the original Africa Twin, or just another heavyweight touring machine.  I can’t wait to find out.

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