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Arai XD4 vs XD3 Helmet

With the new Arai XD4 recently released and my trusty Arai XD3 now having four years of hard labor under its visor, it is time for a replacement.  One thing Kim and I won’t skimp on is a quality helmet.  So I’ve ordered a new XD4 and we’ll shortly have a review and report on how it stacks up against the old XD3.  With a significant price increase, we sure do hope it’s a lot better!

Arai XD4

There’s still a bit of snow around these parts of NH and VT, so we may be a bit delayed in writing the report, but this is an adventure riding website so how can we delay for too long?  What kind of journalistic integrity would that reflect, eh?  So stay tuned and we’ll be reporting in shortly…

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