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Sidi Canyon Gortex Boots

Sidi Canyon Goretex Boots

We’ve found the Sidi Canyon Goretex boot to be an outstanding all around dual sport boot.  It can stand up to the harshest dual sport environments while providing good protection and excellent comfort.  The boots come with a Vibram like sole and offer excellent traction both on or off-road.

If you plan to stand on the pegs a great deal, the sole of the boot is fairly soft, so you can feel those pegs which can be a good or bad thing depending on the amount of time you are standing, how sensitive your feet are and how you like to ride.  Unless you are going to be standing most of the day or are on very severe terrain, this should not present a problem.  Frankly, if this were to be a problem for you, you should probably be wearing a pure dirt boot and not a dual sport boot like the Sidi Canyon Goretex.  Because of these softer soles and the comfortable leather shaft, you can walk around in them all day.  Of course, there’s a bit of a tradeoff in protection, but for dual sporting, we think it a very good trade.

For the dual sport rider, probably its best trait is that they are completely waterproof.  We’ve ridden with these boots in absolute downpours for hours and the result has been dry feet.  The only time we’ve experienced wet feet in these boots is when we’ve done water crossings and the water has entered over the top of the boot!

All in all, we’d give the Sidi Canyon an A for all around comfort.  We’d also give it an A for durability.  The boots you see in the pictures are three years old and have taken some severe abuse in 3 different continents and are still watertight and going strong.  The sole is beginning to show signs of wear but after 3 years, that’s not too bad.

Lastly, these boots are on the expensive side of their competition, but when you compare comfort, waterproofing, and durability you really can’t go wrong with these boots.

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