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Motorcyclists – Who Are Those People And Why Should They Share?

Having written R2ADV for a couple of months now and expounded on the virtues of recording your journeys so that you can recall them yourselves and also share them with others, a comment on a recent post has gotten me to thinking.   After telling you all to do so, an anonymous poster commented that all the scenery etc. pictures were nice, but the one Kim and I would always allow us to remember the journey and the good time we had.  Thank you anonymous poster!

So with that bit of wisdom, I had to think I failed to reinforce how important those recordings are to the person who takes the picture as well.  Stopping to take the picture is not only for sharing with others, but for sharing with yourself later.  OK you say, so what?  Well, you might not look at that picture for years or you might look at it regularly, but if it re-kindles the passion for the ride that you took, then you have succeeded.  Succeed in getting yourself out to ride and perhaps getting someone else excited enough to get out there as well.  So that’s a big deal on two levels, that’s what!

It also dawned on me that we’d never properly introduced ourselves, or given you a taste of how we share our adventures.   Frankly, we always ride together on journeys of any significant length, and almost always on shorter journeys.  What could be better than traveling with your best friend eh?  It’s with this thought in mind that I thought that I would share with you on two levels; the first level is an attempt to show how important taking pictures for later enjoyment and sharing can be.  The second level is to act as a brief introduction into who we are.  I think you’ll get the idea.  We hope you like these pictures and the inspire you to do the same on your travels.  Perhaps you’d be so kind to share some with us here?

We hope you enjoy these.  If the response is good, we may even put up a second set.

By the way, if you don’t know, click on any one of the pictures in the gallery below and it will open that picture into a full size picture and then you can click your way through the remainder of the pictures in either direction in full size.

2 responses

  1. blogadoccio

    I have started using my android smartphone as a “video black box” that records out the windshield so it sees everything that happens in front of my bike as I ride. This not only gives me a record of pleasurable rides, but if some moron does something stupid that creates an accident, I have a permanent “witness” as to what happened. This is very important to me as, as I got hit last year by a person who lied his way out of responsibility for his thoughtless and impromptu change of direction — right in front of me.


    May 22, 2012 at 6:20 pm

  2. Blogadoccio,

    Welcome to R2ADV.

    Yikes! Glad using your phone worked out for you but even more glad that you have recordings of your journeys that you can watch over and over again.

    All our best,

    Mike and Kim


    May 22, 2012 at 8:36 pm

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