Shrinking The Planet – One Ride At A Time

Gate Crashing, Eating Royal Soup, Finding Dr. Seuss’s Secret Home And A Big White Angry Dog

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has just been posted.  This time, Kim crashes a gate, we get fed from a giant silver bowl, visit Dr. Seuss’s secret home in the Czech Republic and run from a paparazzi hating dog.  It all happens as we leave Slovakia and travel through the Czech Republic into Poland.  You can travel with us by clicking HERE or by cutting and pasting this link into your web browser:

We hope you come along!


2 responses

  1. itsmewilly

    Great,, sharp shots ! Weird incident wit that gate and no one helping. Anyway, after all that food I ‘m gonna fix me some dinner. It made me hungry. So for now I say schab, placki ziem !


    October 24, 2017 at 7:17 pm

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