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Custer State Park; Curves, Gravel & Mt. Rushmore

Today we rode through Custer State Park and we can say it is all it’s cracked up to be.  Significant twisties, deserted gravel roads and wildlife abound.  Had a great time until we hit thunderstorms and headed for home.


Really Big Angry Fish, Mountain Man and Really Expensive Fuel

The latest update to our Planet Ramble has been posted starting with reply 44.  You can find it by clicking HERE.



Hello Mr. Buffalo

On the Cedar Creek Rim of the Badlands.


Amazing Badlands of South Dakota

Just amazing here.  More pictures later


We’re In South Dakota & It’s Gorgeous

Today we crossed into South Dakota.  Eastern half is very flat, but west of Platte, wow!


Latest Update To Our Planet Ramble Has Been Posted

Today we cover Iowa cornfields and the National Motorcycle Museum.  Pictures are awesome if we do say so ourselves!  More information and photos from the Museum will be posted in later posts.  Click HERE for the latest and start with reply 34.



Phone From Car?


Not sure what this means.  Use a chicken to phone from your car?  That’s a smart chicken.  Or does it mean you can call the chicken from your car?

It’s 1982 Again!

As we were walking around Libertyville, IL, we spotted this beauty.  I owned the same bike, a 1982 Suzuki GS1000E back in the day, even the same color.



Tall Dark And Handsome

Kim finally found the tall, dark and handsome guy she was looking for.


Gravel Roads Abound

Nice curvy gravel roads in Iowa.  Gravel’s a bit deep though.


A Day At Indy!

Our newest update to our Planet Ramble is up.  You can find it here: starting with post 32 (bottom of the page).  We hope you enjoy!20160615_104537


At The National Motorcycle Museum

Just wandered upon it in Iowa.


More later…

Hanging At Lake Michigan

A beautiful day walking along Lake Michigan.



We Go To The Museum of the United States Air Force

Latest edition of our Planet Ramble is up.  We’re off and riding to the Museum of the US Air Force.


Another 90+ Degree Riding Day

We made it to Monticello, Indiana in 90+ Degree heat.  Still had a great time.  Ride report will be updated later tonight On


Oldest Concrete Street in America

We’re in Bellefontaine, Ohio where they have the oldest concrete street in America!



More rain, this time with wind.

Lots of rain today, but by days end it was clearing.  Here’s a pic late in the day passing a large wind farm.



Ready to roll!


Ride2ADV’s World Ramble

We are about to head out on a long ride that may encompass many places and countries. We are very excited and will be leaving tomorrow, June 6, 2016. We will be chronicling our journey here on as well as ADVRider. For the complete story and pictures from our travels, click HERE and you will be re-directed to ADVRider where we will be posting all the details of our journey complete with pictures.

We will also have a Spot satellite tracker that will update our position in real time.  So if you want to see where we are 24/7, all you have to do is come to this page and click HERE  or copy and paste this link

into your browser to see where we are.

We will also be posting Facebook CLICK HERE and via Twitter CLICK HERE (@Ride2ADV)

We hope you’ll come along for the ride!


Almost Ready To Go!

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