Shrinking The Planet – One Ride At A Time

I’m Going To Stop To Take A Picture (Part 3)

When you are out adventure riding, there are certain moments that beg to be recorded.  The problem is that the timing may not appear to be right to take a picture or a video.  You are too busy enjoying yourself, you are angry about a situation that has occurred (the 4th puncture of the day may be such  a time), you may be very sad because of a sight you’ve seen or been part of someone’s plight.  But the recording of such events, while at the time appearing to be too maddening, too difficult, or almost inappropriate (and there are inappropriate times I would suggest), in the fullness of time actually call to be recorded.  Who will remember these times?  How will these times be shared without such recordings? 

Do yourself and the world a favor and record the happenings.  And…  once recorded, share them with others so that they too can experience what you have done, seen, and experienced and they in turn pass it on to others.  Such times do are short in duration, but can be made to last forever if you just take the time to record them.


Lastly, record what’s important to you. Don’t let others tell you what is and is not important. It’s what important to you that matters. Because what’s important to you reflects who and what you are, and that’s what you want to share now isn’t it? So let’s find out who Kim and Mike are from some of their moments, but believe us, there are thousands of them that we could put here. If you’d like, send us some of yours and we’ll post them here as well.

Now come on now, send us some pictures to post! Send them to and we’ll see what we can do. Remember, to shrink the planet, you must share yourself.

By the way, if you don’t know, click on any one of the pictures in the gallery below and it will open that picture into a full size picture and then you can click your way through the remainder of the pictures in either direction in full size. 
Ride2Adventure – Shrink the Planet One Ride At A Time

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