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Settlers Scratch A Living From The Earth And A One Room Schoolhouse

We finally get some good weather and find open prairie, Badlands like land and a tiny one room schoolhouse.  You can get all the latest info by clicking the below link or clicking HERE starting with reply #83.




Spotted Horse(s) and Grain Elevators

The latest update to our Planet Ramble is in Wyoming, where we find Spotted Horse(s) and grain elevators.  Also one of the best mountain passes of this trip.  You can find it by CLICKING HERE or on the below link starting with reply #78.


Devil’s Tower & Long Lines of Locomotives

The latest update to our Planet Ramble has been posted.  Ever wonder what the Devil’s Tower looks like?  Ever wonder what they do with hundreds of locomotives.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE.


Out of Custer (and the rain) and Into Wyoming.

The latest update to our Planet Ramble has been posted.  We spend our last day in Custer and head for Wyoming.  You can see it by CLICKING HERE and starting with reply #74.


Custer State Park – Gravel & Burros

While we are home now, we have posted the latest update to our Planet Ramble.  At this point we are still in South Dakota and heading to Custer (yes that Custer) State Park.  We make some friends while visiting.

You can find the latest update by CLICKING HERE starting with reply #70 .


End of Stage 1 – Planet Ramble

Well, Stage 1 of our Planet Ramble  is coming to a conclusion.  Kim somehow has gotten the flu.  The forecast for  Denali which was our next destination  is for 6 days of rain.  So we are  going to  call it quits on this stage.  Kim has done an amazing job running through gravel, mud and sand.  She rides much better than she gives herself credit for.

So we are headed to Anchorage and will ship the bikes home to await Stage 2.  I am so lucky  to  have  found a soul mate like her.  I can’t wait for  Stage 2 to begin.



Which Is Up & Which Is Down

An AMAZING day on the Stewart – Cassiar “Highway”  Took this shot at Lake Tatogga in Iskut, British Columbia.  Which is up and which is down.  You decide…