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Ferries, Early Morning Beer, Carte Blanche, Road Racing & Hanging With King Julien

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has just been published.  This time we line up for more ferries, experience early morning beer, get carte blanche while road racing and hang out with King Julien.  It’s just part of the German and Dutch experience.

If you’d like to come along for the ride CLICK HERE.  If this doesn’t work, cut and paste the following link into your web browser:

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Gate Crashing, Eating Royal Soup, Finding Dr. Seuss’s Secret Home And A Big White Angry Dog

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has just been posted.  This time, Kim crashes a gate, we get fed from a giant silver bowl, visit Dr. Seuss’s secret home in the Czech Republic and run from a paparazzi hating dog.  It all happens as we leave Slovakia and travel through the Czech Republic into Poland.  You can travel with us by clicking HERE or by cutting and pasting this link into your web browser:

We hope you come along!


More Mountains, Rotary Motorcycles, Roman Ruins And Party In Town

The latest Episode of our Planet Ramble has just been posted.  This time, we ride even more mountains, find a motorcycle in a rotary and check out some ancient Roman ruins and attend a party in town.  We’re in Slovenia and it is awesome!!!

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Come ride with us for the next part of our journey.

Broiling Temperatures, Pizza With A Sex Drive And Thunder In The Dolomites

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has just been posted.  This time we endure more broiling heat, find pizza with a sex drive and rumble through the Dolomite mountains.  If you’d like to ride along, click HERE or cut and paste the below link into your web browser:

Come along and enjoy the ride!

We Walk The Royal Walk And Plummet Down A Mountain On Wheels

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has just been posted.  While this time we are off the bikes, we do the Royal Walk up a mountain and then roll down it on 3 wheels.  A very entertaining day.  We’re sure you will enjoy it.

We Find A Wine Cellar, A Beer Brewery, A Bobber and Mountain Cliffs

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has just been posted.  This time we end up in a wine cellar, check out a beer brewery and teeter on the edge of mountain cliffs.  It’s all in a day’s riding.

You can come along with us by clicking HERE  or by cutting and pasting the below link into your web browser:

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Deeper Into France We Ride, Thunderstorms, Ancient Villages, Wine And Road Construction

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has just been published.  We ride deeper into France and find thunderstorms, Ancient Villages, lots of wine and road construction.  Each had their fun elements…  If you’d like to come along, click HERE.  Or, you can cut and paste this link into your web browser:

We hope you enjoy the ride with us!

A Trip Up And Down The Mountain

We’re in the middle of a Vermont winter and the snow has flown quite liberally this year.  Our back yard has a foot or so on the ground now and thus far, we’ve received nearly 5 feet of the cold white stuff.  So when a company named Motorcycle House contacted us and asked us if we would test some of their products, I had to explain that it was presently the middle of the winter here in Vermont, and that we’d be happy to test their gear, but that we couldn’t test it on the bike until spring.  That didn’t bother Dewayne from Motorcycle House one iota, and he rapidly agreed to send us a couple of Viking Cycle Enforcer jackets to test and provide comments on, whether they were good or bad.  Soon the two Viking Cycle Enforcer jackets arrived and upon opening the box, I was quite impressed.  So while we are waiting for Spring to come to Vermont, we decided that a winter test was in order.  We couldn’t ride with the jackets on the bike, but we could try them out at one of the east coast’s largest ski areas.  So we put on our boots, skis, gloves and Viking Cycle Enforcer jackets and headed to the mountain for a few rides. Before we tell you how it performed on the mountain, here’s some info on the features and design of the jackets.



This 3/4 touring design is well thought out and it has several features that are not included in jackets costing hundreds of dollars more.  Here are just a few of the thoughtful features you will find on this jacket.  The interior has several well arranged pockets.  On both interior sides of the jacket are three pockets.  Each side has two small pockets which can hold small items as well as a third zippered pocket of good size.  The first of the small interior pockets has a tag indicating that they are for a small electronic device.  These pockets are suited for an item the size of an ipod.  Thoughtfully, there are two wire pass through holes in each of these pockets through which you can feed cables or wires should you want to use wired headphones or the like.  A nice touch is that the wire holes are not directly in line, so if any moisture gets into the pocket, it can not directly travel through to the interior pocket where the device is being kept.  Smart!.  Directly below the device pockets are slightly larger pockets (perhaps 4″ deep) that could hold larger items such as pens etc.  There are also nice zippered pockets on both sides of each main zipper.  On both sides of the jacket behind the main jacket zipper is a larger zippered pocket one of which is labeled to hold sunglasses, but could equally hold maps etc. as well.  There is one more 6″ X 6″ zippered pocket in the interior of the jacket with a covered zipper.  So what does the interior of the jacket give you?  Seven different size pockets three of which are zippered.  All of these pockets are accessible with the jacket liner installed in place.  With the jacket liner removed, you lose the 6″ X 6″ pocket, but you gain a 10″ x  7″ zippered pocket with a water resistant zipper.  You can also get to this pocket with the jacket liner installed, but you will have to unzip the liner about 5″ to get to it.

Speaking of the liner, it is not very thick but it does insulate well.  There is a tag indicating that the liner is polyester, PU coated.  This seems to indicate that the liner may act as a rain liner as well, but since we were skiing on the snow, we can’t comment if it is waterproof or not.  Many jackets come with liners that insulate you around the body, but the liner does not have sleeves.  We were pleased to find that the Enforcer’s liner did have attached sleeves all the way to the sleeve cuff.  Removing the liner is quite simple, a single zipper wraps around the interior of the jacket and the sleeves are removed by detaching a single button at the sleeve’s cuff.  I can say that the liner insulated fairly well, was not uncomfortable and was easy to get in and out of.

The exterior of the jacket has several zippered pockets as well, one zippered pockets of each side of the chest and one fold over and velcro pocket at each side of the waist.  The cuffs of the jacket are are adjustable with velcro as is the waist with the use of two separate side cinch straps.  Each sleeve is adjustable for size with the placement of three separate snaps which allow you to adjust the fit of the bicep.  I have fairly large biceps and with the liner installed and the button at the loosest, it fit well with no tight feeling.

The jacket’s main zipper is of the storm flap design (double flap) with each side of the jacket’s zipper being covered by material to seal out wind and moisture.  Each of these flaps button together over the main zipper.  As we stated earlier, we did not use the jacket in the rain so we can’t comment on its water resistance, but can vouch for the design idea.  Lastly, the collar of the jacket is covered with a neoprene like material.  Smooth, it was comfortable, sealed out the wind well, and did not chafe or catch my beard.  A nice touch, nicely done.

Lastly, the jacket is armored, with foam armor in the shoulders, elbows and back.  We could not tell whether the armor was ECE approved, but based on the foam material, we don’t think it was.  If it is, we will let you know.

So with all these features, how did the jacket perform?  Overall, very well!  When we arrived at the top of the mountain it was about 30 degrees F (-1 C) and the wind was blowing quite strongly.  I was wearing a poly undergarment and a wool sweater.  The liner in the jacket was in place and I can report that I was nice and warm.  During two runs, no air seeped into the jacket and the blowing snow did not penetrate it.  It was comfortable and the longer tail of the jacket kept any air from penetrating from underneath.  We’ll report again on the jacket once Spring has arrived and can try it out on the bike.

As of this writing, the jacket is priced at $99.99 and represents an amazing bargain for the price.  It would be well worth it for double the price.  We don’t know how long it will be at this price, but based on this test, I would even buy it for a ski jacket, never mind having it do double duty as a motorcycle jacket.


Rain, Bright Green Buildings, High Speed Cats, Fog & Barns

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  This time we ride in rain, park in front of bright green buildings, jump a Cat, play in the fog, and stand in front of a barn.  You can find it by clicking HERE or by cutting and pasting the link below into your browser.

We hope you enjoy it.

Bulging Trees, More Cable Ferries & Shrimp Factory Ships

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  This time we find bulging trees, more cable ferries, shrimp factory ships and more rain.  You can find it by clicking HERE or by cutting and pasting the link below into your browser.  We hope you enjoy it.

We Visit With Friends, Have Dinner and Entertain Mice

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  Riding the remainder of the Cabot Trail, we stop to visit some old friends and make new ones we hadn’t planned on.  You can find it by CLICKING HERE, or by cutting and pasting the link below:

We hope you enjoy the latest.

Crossing Into Canada We Find Craft Beer, A Very Large Bird, Thoroughbred Race Horses, Wind Turbines And Gravel Roads Along The Ocean

The latest episode of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  This time we travel from Maine into Canada and find interesting craft beers, a very large bird, thoroughbred race horses, wind turbines and deserted gravel roads alongside the ocean.  You can find it by clicking HERE or by cutting and pasting the link below:

We hope you enjoy the latest!

Riding Into The Heart of Maine, We Find Rain, A Mill and Teddy Roosevelt

The latest episode of Stage 1A to our Planet Ramble has been posted.  We ride into the heart of Maine in darkness, but miss hitting any moose.  We end up exploring a state park where I walk on water and we hole up in an “old mill”.  The following day we ride in rain and very bright sun.  Then, in a very small town, we find relics from America’s 26th president, Teddy Roosevelt and Suffolk, England’s red communications technology.

You can find it by clicking HERE or cutting and pasting the link below into your browser.

Stage 1A Of Our Planet Ramble Begins; We Go North!

The latest edition of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  Instead of heading south to warmer weather, we do the opposite and head north.  We prep two brand new machines for this adventure. Kim rides a Ducati Scrambler and Mike rides a Honda Africa Twin.  At the beginning of this portion of our journey, we get lost in Maine, ride in the dark in moose country and head for the Canadian border.

You can find the latest by clicking HERE.

Or you can cut and paste the below link into your browser.

Hope you enjoy our latest!


The Final Days Of Stage 1 Of Our Planet Ramble

The latest edition of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  Today we ride from Glennallen, and Eagle River Alaska and end up at the airport for our flight home to Vermont.  On the way, we pass some amazing glaciers, take the time to smell the flowers, ride great twisty roads and have a special guest send us off.

You can find the latest by clicking HERE or cutting and pasting the link below:




Destruction Bay, Crossing the Border, A Failing Bike And Kim Gets Sick

The latest edition of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  We leave Destruction Bay and ride the final miles back to the US border, where my lack of attention to maintenance rears its ugly head and Kim gets sick.

You can find this update by clicking HERE or cutting and pasting the link below:


Building the ALCAN Highway, The RCMP and Finding Destruction (Bay)

The latest edition of our Planet Ramble has been posted.  Today we travel more of the ALCAN, have a quick visit with the RCMP and find Destruction (Bay) along the way.  You can see it by clicking HERE or by clicking/cutting and pasting the link below:

We hope you enjoy it!


Mountains, Glaciers, Mirror Like Lakes And A Signpost Forest

Long overdue, here is the latest update to our Planet Ramble.  In this post, we travel a lot of miles, riding from Idaho, to the top of British Columbia and ending up in the Canadian Yukon.  Along the way, we see some awesome sights along the Icefields Parkway with mountains and glaciers surrounding us.  We then continue deeper and further north to Iskut, British Columbia and see the most amazing mirror lake we have ever seen.  Ultimately we end up at Watson Lake in the Canadian Yukon and find a Signpost Forest.  You don’t want to miss this chapter!  Join the ride by clicking HERE or clicking on the link below.  Safe travels!!!




Can A Ducati Scrambler Be Made Into a Light Duty Adventure Bike?

Can a Ducati Scrambler be made into a comfortable light duty (i.e. pavement and maintained dirt/gravel roads) adventure bike good for longer trips and gravel roads?  I had been asking myself that question for quite some time and have finally decided to investigate for myself.  Those of you that follow us know that Kim and me just finished a trip from our home in Vermont to Eagle River, Alaska.  We rode mostly on paved roads, although we did travel on some forest fire roads and unimproved roads.  Kim’s Suzuki DR-650 performed admirably and carried her to Alaska easily.  However, the DR is a fairly low powered thumper and riding it for long distances became somewhat of a tiresome experience for Kim.  She said that although the bike did everything she asked and had a relatively lightweight feel, she felt under powered on those 75 MPH stretches of two lane roads common in the western US.  Passing was more difficult that she desired, especially since I was traveling on a KTM  990 Adventure twin cylinder machine.  She also wished that the bike was not a single because the thump, thump, thump of the single was tiring over time.

So I set about looking for a machine that was relatively small and light that we could turn into a light duty adventure bike.  Since Kim is only about 5′ 3″ the bike could not be too high, nor could it be too heavy.  She really wanted to get away from a single cylinder machine and frankly I don’t blame her.  She never said a word during our over 7,500 mile trip to Alaska, but I had to ask myself, whether I would have enjoyed riding a single for that long a distance.  My answer would be no, so I really shouldn’t expect her to feel any different.  As I looked around the market, there really wasn’t much out there that fit Kim’s want list.  She had already been on a V-Strom and felt it was too big and heavy.  She had also ridden the BMW F650GS (twin) and F800GS extensively in Europe and South America, but she didn’t really like them because of their relative size and ride height.  If she were to like a new machine, it would have to be about the size of her current Suzuki DR-650.

One of the few alternatives was the Ducati Scrambler.  It’s a twin of approximately 800ccs and is actually very small in stature.  Scramblers were created for dual sport, so if Ducati at least considered dual sporting, perhaps we could make this new Ducati into a light duty adventure bike.  After doing some significant searching I found a number of bolt on parts that could potentially give her the utility of an ADV bike.  So maybe, just maybe, we could adapt a Ducati Scrambler for ADV touring.

After a test ride and a bit of deliberation, we have taken the plunge.  Kim is now the proud owner of a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Icon.  The Icon is the base model of the Scrambler line and that suits us just fine.  We’ve seen and tried Ducati’s own ADV parts and they fall far short of what we will need for our purposes.  I’ve identified a number of parts that we are going to try and we’ll report on how well the fit our mission.  So stay tuned for more updates as we attempt to convert a base Ducati Icon into an ADV machine Kim can love.

Just to entice you, here are a few pics of Kim’s soon to be converted Ducati Scrambler Icon which we will test out on a tour of the Canadian Maritime Provinces in early September.



The Gold Rush, A Prostitute and Coeur d’ Alene

The latest update to our Planet Ramble has been posted.  This time we visit a Sprag Pole, and ride the Coeur d’ Alene Idaho state forest fire roads.  You can find it by CLICKING HERE and starting with reply #89 or cut and past the below link




Kim’s Bike Takes A Nap And Duct Tape Reigns Supreme

The latest update to our Planet Ramble has been posted.  Today, Kim’s bike takes an unauthorized nap and duct tape reigns supreme.  You can find it by CLICKING HERE or clicking the link below starting with reply #85.


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Up Close And Personal With Badlands Bison. The Latest Update to Our Planet Ramble Has Been Posted.

Hi everyone,

The latest update to our planet ramble has been posted starting with reply 58.  CLICK HERE to view it.  This time we take you through the Badlands of South Dakota including some interactions with bison.



Hope you enjoy!


Ride2ADV’s World Ramble

We are about to head out on a long ride that may encompass many places and countries. We are very excited and will be leaving tomorrow, June 6, 2016. We will be chronicling our journey here on as well as ADVRider. For the complete story and pictures from our travels, click HERE and you will be re-directed to ADVRider where we will be posting all the details of our journey complete with pictures.

We will also have a Spot satellite tracker that will update our position in real time.  So if you want to see where we are 24/7, all you have to do is come to this page and click HERE  or copy and paste this link

into your browser to see where we are.

We will also be posting Facebook CLICK HERE and via Twitter CLICK HERE (@Ride2ADV)

We hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Honda Rolls Out New Africa Twin “Adventure Sports” Concept Bike


In a group of new introductions, Honda rolled out yet another adventure machine at the Osaka Motorcycle Show.  Called the Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept, this Africa Twin proposes to be a more adventure oriented and ready bike with a higher level of off road capability.  The bike is still a concept at this time, but if the current Africa Twin and prototype CRF250 Rally are any indication, this up-rated Africa Twin just might make it to production.

Sporting a larger looking fuel tank, wide rear body panels that hint of perhaps more under seat fuel storage, a flat single piece seat,  large, wide aluminum bashplate, bar risers, grippy billet platform footpegs, small frame, engine and rear brake protection bits, tubular luggage rack and upswept Termignoni exhaust,this version of the CRF1000L Africa Twin certainly looks the role of a much more sporty rally bike.

Missing in action are the bike’s turn signals, rear fender and mirrors, so it’s apparent that this bike is still a concept at this time.  However, if a similarly equipped machine makes it into production, we are predicting that this bike will become more of an enduro model and a significant competitor to more off road worthy machines like the big KTM 1190.  Time will tell.

Here are a few pictures to get your mouth-watering and your wallet burning.