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Ride2ADV Nearly Ready for Phase 2 of Our Planet Ramble

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We’re getting excited to start Phase 2 of our Planet Ramble.  Last year we rode across North America from Vermont, USA to Alaska, USA.  For Phase 2 will we be shipping our bikes (both Ducati Scramblers) to London to start a large clockwise circular route.  Although subject to change depending what we find and see along the way, we should be traveling through England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and France.  We’ll return to England and fly back to the USA.

We will be storing the bikes in England until March, 2018 when we’ll return to London and complete counter-clockwise journey through Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.  Once leaving southern Morocco, we will head north and once back into Europe, head east, ultimately spending some time in Italy, before returning ourselves and bikes to London for return to the US.  This part of the journey is exciting and we’ll be posting about what we’ve seen and done as we travel.

Once again, we will have a satellite tracking capability so you can see us in real time as we travel.  We’ll post link and additional info soon.

Until later!!!

Iceland, Land of Fire, Water and Ice

We’ve been to Iceland twice and it has been a wonderful experience.  We’ve ridden around the Ring Road (Route 1) and also some of the “F” roads (designated for 4X4 vehicles and off-road vehicles only) into Iceland’s amazing interior.  If you are thinking about riding in Iceland, you MUST do it.  Each minute there is an exciting adventure.  For our first ride into Iceland, click HERE. For our second ride click HERE.

If you don’t want to read about Iceland, you can view our compilation video with music in storyboard format, click HERE.

Iceland is a land that should not be missed.  Make sure it becomes a priority on your riding bucket list!