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Adventure Rider Radio – An Excellent Source of Information and Travel Experiences

I don’t generally write about podcasts, but lately I’ve been listening to a podcast that stands heads and shoulders above anything I’ve heard in the past about adventure riding.  Adventure Rider Radio ( has had my attention for weeks and it’s time that I let everyone in on my little secret.

Adventure Rider Radio’s host Jim Martin not only is the commentator, but also produces a high quality podcast filled with interviews from well known and not so well known adventure riders.  In fact, I was quite surprised to listen to a list of guests that included:

  • Simon and Lisa Thomas (aka 2RidetheWorld)
  • Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited
  • Simon Pavey (Dakar Competitor and Instructor to Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman)
  • Sam Manicom (author of 4 world wide motorcycle adventure books)
  • Austin Vince (round the world rider and producer of the films Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa)

Obviously, interviews with people like these is entertaining and with the thoughtful questions posed by Jim, the interviews are nothing short of spellbinding.

All in all, Adventure Rider Radio is a treat to an adventure rider’s ears.  Do yourself a big favor and listen to one of the many podcasts.  It won’t be the last one you listen to.  You can download the podcasts at iTunes or via RSS feed at the Adventure Rider Radio site (

Give Adventure Rider Radio at try, you’ll come away impressed!

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