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Race with KTM’s Cyril Despres at Sardegna Rally

So you want to enter a genuine world level rally?  Say no more.  Sign up with KTM’s Cyril Despres, the 2012 Dakar Rally winner.


In 2010 Cyril Despres and his team took seven amateur riders on Cyril’s favorite rally, the Sardegna Rally Race, and with their advice and encouragement all seven made it to the finish.

Following on from that success they have decided to repeat the experience for 2012.

Cyril Despres says: “Point of view of riding pleasure, the Sardegna Rally Race is my favorite event of the year. The people are friendly, the scenery is stunning and the tracks are sensa- tional. In addition it is perfectly suited to the amateur rider. You don’t need a big rally bike, just a standard enduro with a bigger tank and a road book reader, the days aren’t too long, you don’t have to be super fit or a top level rider, there’s no GPS or other expensive naviga- tion equipment and at night you sleep in a hotel and eat great Italian food. What more could you want!”

Perfectionist and keen to share their expertise, the team has created a high quality turnkey package.

Cyril Despres says: “I think a lot of people are put off entering rallies because they think they are too complicated, so we have put together something that takes away all that stress.”

To this end the eight riders will be looked after by three mechanics and Cyril’s Dakar Team Manager Chris Evans. Before the event they will spend a day with Cyril learning how to set up their bike, navigate and manage their race. Then every evening during the race he will brief them on the following day and take the time to answer their questions.

Cyril Despres says: “In 2010 we didn’t know exactly what to expect, but the whole thing worked out really well. There was a great atmosphere and both my team and I really enjoyed passing on some of our knowledge and helping the 7 riders realise their dream.”

For 2012 the assistance package, including entry fees, mechanics, assistance vehicle, spares, training day, riding shirt and half board hotel accommodation from 22 – 27 June inclusive is 4200 € ($5500).

The hire of a fully prepared KTM 350 or 450 EXC, equipped with road book reader, ICO trip meter, large capacity fuel tank, bib mousses, bash plate, rally guards etc. is 2300 € ($3025), which equals the cost of equipping a standard enduro bike without the cost of transport or depreciation.

For further information contact Chris Evans at or by telephone on +33 662 48 71 90.

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