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Archive for October 3, 2012

BMW and Honda Release Videos of their Adventure Bikes

Wow it’s getting hot in the kitchen!  BMW and Honda have released their own videos of their own Adventure/Rally machines.  Honda concentrated heavily on performance while BMW concentrated more on the places you can go.  Which is more important to you?



KTM Releases Videos of 1190 Adventure

The adventure riding market segment is indeed becoming a very crowded one.  First KTM leaks the news of their new 1190 Adventure, then later formally announces it.  BMW announces its new water cooled GS1200 and Honda announces that it is returning to Dakar with a CRF450 based rally bike.  Phew!  Is it hot in here or what?

Well apparently KTM doesn’t think its hot enough in the kitchen and has released these two videos of the 1190A in action to turn up the heat even more.  So take a look-see and decide whether you need to turn on the air conditioning.

So BMW, what have you got up your sleeve to turn up the heat a bit?