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Sidi Adventure Goretex Boots

When you get old-“er” things might start to hurt.  It’s the beginning of payback time.  Remember all those falls you took having fun.  Remember feeling and thinking you were immortal?  No scratch that, remember knowing that you were immortal?

Now re-adjust your brain a bit and remember all the not so fun injuries.  A few get offs from your racing days.  A couple of collisions with immovable objects.  Well unfortunately they’re coming home to roost and you had better be prepared.  Prepared with good equipment if you want to keep up.  So it is with my decision to up the ante with a new pair of Sidi Adventure Goretex boots.

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A hybrid of a pure off road boot and a touring boot, the Sidi Adventure Goretex would appear to have the goods to solve the problems of the Adventure Rider who wants a more protection and support than a road boot, but doesn’t want the all out stiffness of an off road boot.  Throw in the breathability and claimed waterproofing, it would seem that you have a winner.   We’ll be testing the boot in the near future to see it they live up to their reputation and whether they are worth their rather lofty price tag.

Stay tuned for more info shortly…

UPDATE:  We will be out for a full day of cold weather riding tomorrow (Saturday April 7) so I will have my first impressions of the Sidi Adventure Goretex Boots posted by Sunday.  Stay tuned!

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